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Neutral is an alignment with multiple meanings, not all of which may apply to an individual. It is most commonly associated with those who do not have any particular moral inclinations, and is sometimes referred to as true neutrality.[citation needed]


Nethys, a god of magic, is firmly neutral.
I am who I am.
— Ultimate Campaign, page 135

Neutral characters cannot be represented by one specific outlook; there are several reasons a person may be considered neutral. Neutral is the default for those who have not taken a moral or ethical stance in any direction, neither good or evil nor lawful or chaotic. This also includes non-sentient animals that have no capacity to choose and primarily follow their primitive, amoral instincts. Those who have chosen to enforce a "natural balance" between all the other ethics are also considered neutral. These often include those who worship the perfect balance of nature, particularly druids. Those who have the 'natural balance' enforced upon them may feel differently about the neutrality of such people, perhaps deriding them as evil. Neutral is also the alignment for those who seek a centered existence, with moderation in all things; ascetics who take no side and instead seek spiritual perfection of the self are an excellent example of this.1[citation needed]


One of the best examples of a neutral deity is Gozreh, a deity who balances nature's nurturing side with its more destructive forces. If Gozreh embodied just one of these aspects he would probably fall under a different alignment; because he represents the two in perfect balance, he is considered neutral.2


Psychopomps are bound to Pharasma.3


Paizo published Faiths of Balance regarding deities aligned on the ethical axis of neutrality, Champions of Balance regarding people and organizations aligned on the ethical axis of neutrality, and Concordance of Rivals regarding neutrally aligned planes and creatures.

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