Akashic Thysiastery

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The Akashic Thysiastery is an occult academy floating in the Astral Plane, where students are taught alternative cosmology, numerology, and psychic magic.1


The Akashic Thysiastery is a sprawling brick-and-mortar building said to periodically waft between two diametrically opposed points in the Astral Plane. Aspirants into the institution must first locate it, either by themselves or with outsider allies.1


The Akashic Thysiastery is staffed by a group of ascetics born eyeless, known as the sightless masters. They are thought to number between 10 and 13, but this number has never been determined accurately, and they claim to have found a way for one to shed mortality and become immortal, if not divine. While this offer sounds tempting, very few actually attain tutelage.1

Once they have reached the Akashic Thysiastery, an aspirant must meditate for years before its locked gates before an envoy of the sightless masters would invite them in. Rigorous study and isolation from the Material Plane weed out the majority of students, leaving behind only the most dedicated to become acolytes. These acolytes undergo a psychic cleansing that purges their identity, leaving them as empty vessels ready to know about the greatest mysteries of the Great Beyond. Without this cleansing, it is said that a terrible insanity would befall them.1

The rare few acolytes that depart the Akashic Thysiastery with their lives recall incomplete stories about forced out-of-body experiences, possessions, inexplicable rituals, and long periods of lost time. Many do not even remember why they sought out the Akashic Thysiastery at the first place. Some of them imply that the sightless masters are merely servants to a higher power; according to the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye's divinations, the true masters of the Akashic Thysiastery are similar to the manasaputras, but are born of the Void instead of Creation's Forge.1


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