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Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye

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Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye

Stand against the Whispering Way
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 260

The Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye (rarely known as the Eldritch Order of the Palatine Eye) is a secretive organization of scholars and historians based in Ustalav. Their mission is to study and monitor dangerous lore and inhuman monsters, and their primary antagonists are the cultists of the Whispering Way and the Night Heralds. Since Tar-Baphon's re-emergence in 4719 AR, the Order's opposition to the Whispering Way has become increasingly direct and in the open, a change that disturbs some of its older members.1234 Their primary identifying symbol is a golden scarab bearing the group's namesake open, flaming eye.56


Count Aldus Aldon Canter formed the Order in 3988 AR after he claimed that the angel Tabris revealed secrets of the multiverse to him, particularly the nature of the River of Souls, quintessence, and the Antipode. He transcribed many of his learnings into a series of nearly unparseable texts before disappearing in 4028 AR, and the Order struggles to interpret many of his writings to this day.6

In 4063 AR, the Order aided those responsible for defeating the blue dragon Kazavon, who had set himself as a warlord in Belkzen.17 In 4718 AR, members of the Order purportedly averted an apocalyptic event involving the planet Aucturn.86

The symbol of Ustalav over which the Order stands guard.


Joining the Order is itself an esoteric task that requires invitation and screening, and all new members must serve at least three years as lowly acolytes. Promotion within the order requires absolute loyalty, secrecy, and regular advancements of the Order's causes.6

Members of the Order are deeply enmeshed in political and arcane matters and are sworn to guard Ustalav and its ancient traditions.910 One of the main written works of the Order is the Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye, which is adorned with the symbol of the Order: a scarab beetle with a single eye image on its back.1112

Members once communicated with each other through coded messages and symbols that hold special meaning, but have become less careful since the Whispering Tyrant freed himself from imprisonment in Gallowspire.234

The different chapters of the Esoteric Order are known as Cathedrals. After Ustalav, the largest of these is in Osirion, which has long been a place of great interest to the order.13

True silvered thrones

Those who ascend to the upper echelons of the Order are known as true silvered thrones. Such shamanistic scholars embrace the occult and are masters of occult rituals.14

Favored familiars

Cats, bats, greensting scorpions, and toads all have occult connections that draw members of the Order to select them as familiars, while pseudosphinxes and psychopomps attract those with specific interest in Osirion.15


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