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Care is needed when dabbling in the occult.
This article covers the philosophy of occultism. For the psychic magic class, see occultist. For the type of magic, see occult magic.

Occultism is a philosophy that believes in incomprehensible hidden forces beneath and between the perceptible realities of the planes. These forces shape and manipulate perceptible reality in strange ways,[1] and occultists believe mastering them can teach them hidden truths about the universe and grant mastery over life after death.[2] Those who study occultism are often called occultists, and the field is often referred to as simply the occult.[1]

Occultism is tightly linked to psychic magic, which is both a form of occult practice and a means of manipulating occult forces.[3]

Occult subjects

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Paizo has published several books about the occult, including Occult Adventures, Occult Bestiary, Occult Mysteries, Occult Origins, Occult Realms, and Psychic Anthology.

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