Aligois Thels

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Aligois Thels
Titles Lictor
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Cheliax
Organization Hellknights,
Order of the Scourge
Died 4629 AR

Source: The Infernal Syndrome, pg(s). 66

Aligois Thels was a brilliant veteran of the navy of Cheliax and one of the first two dozen Hellknights in the group organized by Daidian Ruel. When Ruel disappeared in Calistril, 4589 AR, Thels became the new leader of the group. His vision was that the Hellknights would eventually replace the military of Cheliax which was dominated by the nobility. He added the ranks and organization found in current Hellknight orders, basing them upon the ancient legions of Jistka. In 4609 AR he reorganized the Hellknights once again and created five new orders which were each capable of independent action. He retained control of the Order of the Scourge and served as its Lictor until his death in 4629 AR of natural causes.[1]


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