Order of the Scourge

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Order of the Scourge
Symbol of the Order of the Scourge.
(Hellknight Orders)

"Without culpability chaos reigns."
A star of bleeding lashes
Scarred or serrated breastplate, horned helm
Lashing with whip or scourge
Source: What Lies in Dust, pg(s). 64

With anonymity and no consequences, every man becomes a criminal. The Order of the Scourge combats the lawless tendencies within mortal hearts through ever-present watchfulness and brutal reminders that no crime goes unpunished. The Order employs a vast network of informants, pays bounties for substantiated accusations, and publicly metes out grim punishments. Under the perfectionist Lictor Toulon Vidoc, the Hellknights frequently travel from Citadel Demain, near Egorian, to patrol crime-ridden slums and annihilate criminal organizations.1


The oldest organization of Hellknights, the Order of the Scourge seeks to root out corruption in any form. Its members hunt for political manipulation and abuses of power, but their efforts also include an endless war against organized crime. At the fringes of its influence, the Order of the Scourge might hunt gangs of burglars or cutpurses, but in the heart of Cheliax these Hellknights crusade against faceless guilds of thieves, sprawling criminal organizations, and nobles for whom crime has become a family business. This regularly pits the Order of the Scourge against some of the most dangerous powers in Cheliax, including members of the nation's government.2

Since the end of the Chelish Civil War, the lictors of the Scourge are watchful for signs of House Thrune's treachery and rumor has it that they are constructing a secret tunnel between Citadel Demain and a stronghold deep in the Barrowood, as insurance should Cheliax's rulers ever turn against the knighthood.3

Notable members


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