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Aliases Freezemaw
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species White dragon (Old)
Gender Male
Homeland Rimeskull, Varisia
Images of Arkrhyst

Source: Sins of the Saviors, pg(s). 18f.

The white dragon Arkrhyst—called Freezemaw by the Shoanti—has rested on Rimeskull[1] since the mid-47th Century AR.[2] In his youth several centuries ago, Arkrhyst was a great and hated enemy of the Shoanti. His raids on the nomads of the Velashu Uplands and the western Storval Plateau were legendary, and many of those tribes still sing of these dark times, and of the countless heroes who sought out his home on Rimeskull to defeat him. None accomplished this goal, but as Arkrhyst grew older, his urge to raid grew less, and he ceased his attacks around the year 4500 AR. Content with the reputation he earned, he sleeps for years at a time on his considerable store of treasure while dreaming of his youthful rampages.[3]


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