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White dragon

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White dragon
Arkrhyst, a white dragon.
Type Dragon
CR 2-18 (by age category)
Environment Cold mountains
Images of white dragons

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 100-101

White dragons tend to be the most feral and animalistic of the chromatic dragons, relying on sheer force rather than elaborate plans or strategies. They live in cold mountain regions and arctic lowlands, making homes within freezing ice caves or other remote areas. Masters of the cold, white dragons employ freezing breath and a number of cold-based spells in order to freeze prey and foe alike. They prefer their food frozen solid.[1]

On Golarion

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Notable white dragons include:

On Triaxus

On the planet Triaxus, where dragons rule vast territories in the continent of the Drakelands, white dragons tend to ascend in political power during the planet's decades-long winters. One of the most powerful white dragon warlords is Yrax of Ivoryglass.[11]

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