Velashu Uplands

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The Velashu Uplands are a hilly region of northwestern Varisia located between the Velashu River on the one side and the combined border of the Mierani Forest and the Calphiak Mountains on the other.1 They are home to the famous horsemen of the same name, considered to be the finest horse breeders in all of Varisia.23 The hills are also home to a large number of wild horses, whom these horse lords follow across the terrain.4

Paths through the Uplands

An old Varisian trade route exists through the Uplands. It begins at the Varisian town of Roderic's Cove on the Varisian Gulf, and bypasses the nefarious city of Riddleport before entering the Velashu Uplands. Here it is little more than a rarely used trail that follows the curving Velashu River before cutting through a pass in the Red Mountains and running past the abandoned settlement of Brinewall all the way up to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.56

Local Threats

The horsemen of the Uplands are under constant threat from raiders of the Nolands to their north, even though these attacks are largely disorganized.7 Until he was killed by a band of adventurers in 4707 AR, the white dragon Arkrhyst, who dwelt in the Kodar Mountains to the east, attacked the Uplands with great frequency and ferocity.8

Ruins of Thassilon

During the time of the runelords of ancient Thassilon, the Velashu Uplands were split between the territories of Bakrakhan, the Domain of Wrath, and Cyrusian, the Domain of Pride.9 The memorial tomb of Xin, the first king of Thassilon, is located in the southeastern part of these hills, and is known as the Emerald Chambers.10

Another Thassilonian ruin in the area includes the Ironwood Watch, a military watch post and customs house built by the elves of the Mierani Forest for the Cyrusian government.11