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Race/Species Human (Kellid)
Class Barbarian
Gender Male
Homeland Realm of the Mammoth Lords and Numeria
Deity Gorum
Organization Tiger Lords
Died Unknown

Source: Blood for Blood, pg(s). 7

Armag was a Kellid warlord who ruled the Tiger Lords tribe a millennium before the founding of Absalom. He led the Tiger Lords on a warpath from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, through Numeria, and into Casmaron.[1]


Armag's martial success drew the favor of the war god Gorum, and his boasts that death could never claim him drew the ire of the death goddess Pharasma. Armag soon became a pawn in a dispute between the two deities, and as Pharasma sent aeons to support Armag's enemies, Gorum debated Pharasma over rights to his immortal soul.[1]

When Armag was finally slain, Gorum fused Armag's soul into his sword Ovinrbaane to fulfill the warlord's promise—with his soul trapped in the magic weapon, Armag would never face Pharasma in the Boneyard.[2]

Gorum then instructed the Tiger Lord shaman Zorek to build a grand tomb in Armag's honor and installed Zorek as its divine guardian, with the intention of preventing Pharasma from ever claiming Armag's soul.[2]


Armag's sword Ovinrbaane was sealed in his tomb but is reportedly now wielded by the Tiger Lords's current leader, Armag the Twice-Born, who claims to be the prophesied second coming of the ancient warlord.[3]