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Neil Spicer

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Neil Spicer
Hometown Waxhaw, NC
Position Freelance contributor
RPG Superstar 2009

Born in the shadow of North Carolina's Blue Ridge mountains, Neil Spicer started gaming in the early '80s. His first foray into RPG design began with a simple fanzine devoted to Alternity's Star*Drive and Dark.Matter campaign settings titled Action Check. Since then, he's written a handful of D20 PDF products for third-party publishers and co-authored a softcover D20 Future supplement called the Future Player's Companion through the Game Mechanics and Green Ronin. Neil somehow managed to survive Paizo's RPG Superstar 2009 contest and emerged with an opportunity to write Realm of the Fellnight Queen, a Pathfinder Module released in February 2010.

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Artume"Artume" 1002February 2010 GttRK (10)
Ashes at dawn"Ashes at Dawn" 1107July 2011 PF47 (6)
Bestiary 30"Bestiary" #30 1002February 2010 PF30 (76)
Bestiary 33"Bestiary" #33 1005May 2010 PF33 (78)
Bestiary 34"Bestiary" #34 1006June 2010 PF34 (78)
Bestiary 38"Bestiary" #38 0910September 2010 PF38 (78)
Bestiary 39"Bestiary" #39 1011November 2010 PF39 (78)
Bestiary 42"Bestiary" #42 1102February 2011 PF42 (78)
"Bestiary" #67 1302February 2013 PF67 (80)
"Blood for Blood" 1006June 2010 PF34 (6)
"The Empty Throne" 1202February 2012 PF54 (6)
The Faithless Dead 1006June 2010 PFS53
"Fires of Creation" 1408August 2014 PF85 (6)
Island of Empty Eyes"Island of Empty Eyes" 1207July 2012 PF58 (6)
Realm of the Fellnight Queen 1002February 2010 RotFQ
Sanctum of the Serpent God"Sanctum of the Serpent God" 1102February 2011 PF42 (6)
Snows of Summer"The Snows of Summer" 1302February 2013 PF67 (6)
"Sword of Valor" 1309September 2013 PF74 (6)
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