Asmodean Monograph

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Asmodeus' unholy symbol.

The Asmodean Monograph, sometimes referred to as the Asmodean Disciplines,1 is an unholy text that records a simplified version of the doctrine of Asmodeus, although it relies on many supplemental volumes and appendices.2 The earthly version of the book is a mere 1,000 pages long, although there are hundreds of supplementary texts, focusing on universal (and often terrifying) truths, in addition to countless exceptions and caveats to the rule. The book hides no diabolical names or hellish revelations,3 but instead includes instructions for religious rites, lessons on contract writing, and polemics on the nature of power.4

Those who study the text for a long period of time (about a week) have reported suffering terrifying nightmares of devils and hellscapes that, while mentally scarring, reveals to the victim terrible, soul-wrenching truths.5

The Asmodean Monograph is edited only by mandate from Hell itself.3


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