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Gods and Magic (Pathfinder Chronicles)

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Pathfinder Chronicles: Gods and Magic
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D&D 3.5
October 2008

This article covers the Pathfinder First Edition Gods and Magic. For the Pathfinder Second Edition equivalent, see Gods & Magic (Second Edition).

Gods and Magic, a Pathfinder Chronicles sourcebook by Sean K Reynolds, was released in October 2008.

It was succeeded as the primary canonical reference for deities and divine magic in the Pathfinder campaign setting by the Pathfinder Campaign Setting line's Inner Sea Gods.

Immortal Power Lies Within!
Creators of life, forgers of worlds, and rulers of reality—these are the gods and goddesses of the world. They have existed for eons. The countless worlds of the Great Beyond are their playgrounds and battlefields. Yet for all their vast power, it is not the gods of Golarion who shape nations and write history—this task falls instead to their greatest creations: the mortal races of the world. It is through their priests and paladins, their clerics and cultists that the gods make their will known in this world, be it for good or ill.

In Gods and Magic, you will learn not only of the core twenty deities of the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting, but of a multitude of other deities whose flocks, while smaller and more isolated, have just as much potential for greatness. Yet this book isn't just for clerics—religion and faith are important factors in the lives of many, be they stalwart paladins, brave rangers, mysterious druids, or dedicated monks. Even those whose talents lie beyond the divine, such as the scholarly wizard or the god-fearing barbarian, find that faith has its advantages.

Within this 64-page book you will find:

  • Detailed descriptions of the core twenty deities of the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting, complete with symbols and full illustrations
  • Details on over 40 additional deities, including the gods of dwarves and elves, gnomes and halflings, giants and dragons, and more
  • Over 20 new spells associated with the most powerful religions, yet usable by both arcane and divine spellcasters
  • Dozens of new magic items keyed to the world's religions, ranging from minor trinkets to powerful artifacts


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