Aspis Consortium (Katapesh)

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Aspis Consortium in Katapesh

Ruthless trade organization
Maximizing profit
Local (Nation of Katapesh)
Tiered ranks
Source: Dark Markets, pg(s). 47

The Pactmasters ensure trade runs smoothly in Katapesh, but impose few further laws, making it ideal for Aspis Consortium business. Moreover, mercenaries necessary for many consortium ventures are easy to be found in the city. At least two mid-ranking agents and a number of lesser agents of the consortium work in the city. There are rumors that one senior agent lives in Katapesh, too. The most prominent known ranked agent is Fatima Jel-Abar, a very rich Garundi trader. She deals in exotic artifacts and unusual goods she places for sale in Nightstalls. Another ranked agent of the Aspis Consortium in the city is the Chelaxian Skorn Dal, who works in the pesh trade. The unknown senior member of the Consortium observes the huge amounts of trade flowing in and out of the city, to estimate supply, demand, prices, and margins in other regions and transmits the information to the organization to support its plans.1


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