Battle of Nine Stones

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The Battle of Nine Stones was fought in -3708 AR during the Age of Anguish, and led to the capture of the dwarven Sky Citadel of Koldukar by the orc forces of the mighty warrior-king Belkzen. He united the scattered orc tribes of north-central Avistan, and laid siege to the mighty fortress-town.1

Once the dwarven defenses had been weakened, thousands of orcs poured into the city, slaughtering anyone who stood in their way without mercy. After his surprising victory, Belkzen transformed the Citadel into the capital of his new kingdom, renaming it Urgir (meaning "First Home" in the Orc language). Bracing for the eventual dwarven counter-attack, Belkzen reinforced the city's defenses. These incursions eventually came, but none were strong enough to retake the fallen Sky Citadel.234

Belkzen's victory at Koldukar marked the start of the Reckoning, a new golden age for the region's orcs that lasted until Belkzen's death or disappearance a decade later, in -3698 AR.1