Bavhulameta Ulametria

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Bavhulameta Ulametria
Titles Bishop
Alignment Neutral
Class Cleric 11
Gender Female
Homeland Kavapesta, Amaans, Ustalav
Deity Pharasma
Organization Pharasmin Penitence

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 11

Bishop Bavhulameta Ulametria is the current leader and holy mother of the Pharasmin Penitence based in the Cryptgate Cathedral in Kavapesta.[1]


Bishop Bavhulameta is very tall but her strict, life-long regimen following the Pharasmin Penitence has left her crippled and she now kneels all the time, unshakeable and zealous in her faith. The bishop is intelligent and still preaches daily; she is also keen to help healing the sick when the burden is clearly difficult to bear. Nevertheless, with her own acolytes and clerics, she is much tougher, as she believes in the power of pain: they are not allowed to heal many of their wounds, so have many scars visible.


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