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Shensen is a renowned opera diva.

Opera is a musical art form in which singers and musicians tell a dramatic story, usually in a theatrical setting. Opera can include both sung and spoken words, and is usually enhanced by the inclusion of costumes, set pieces, and even dance. The words both sung and spoken form the opera's libretto, while the music is the score. Operas are often accompanied by either a small ensemble or a large orchestra of musicians.1

Chelish opera

On Golarion, opera is most popular in Cheliax, and famous Chelaxian operas have been performed throughout the Inner Sea region.2

Traditional Chelish opera, also known as High Chelish opera, was written in Azlanti and is intended to be performed in that language.

The Chelish admiral-turned-pirate Arronax Endymion is a fan of traditional opera, and there are numerous productions in the unlikely setting of Endymion's pirate town of Hell Harbor in the Shackles. It is not clear whether the other residents share his passion for the arts, but those seeking the pirate lord's favour make a point of sitting through performances.3

It is very different from the modern opera currently popular in Cheliax.3

The Lord Mayor of Westcrown, Aberian Arvanxi, was a keen fan of the opera, and spent a large amount of public money on the city's various opera houses.4


Paizo published a Pathfinder Adventure Path about staging an opera in Ravounel titled Curtain Call.

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