Bonali Kwazeel

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Bonali Kwazeel
Bonali Kwazeel.
Titles Apprentice and sojourner
Organization Magaambya and Acadamae of Korvosa
Companion(s) Jamang Kira
Asmonde Avari

Source: The Illusionist

Bonali Kwazeel is a student of the Magaambya, in Nantambu, sent to study at the Acadamae in Korvosa.[1]


Bonali Kwazeel is from the Mwangi Expanse; he wears garments with thread-art and numerous gold ornaments.[1]


Colleagues at the Acadamae include Jamang Kira who was his room-mate, and Asmonde Avari who was an acquaintance and fellow student.[1]


Bonali Kwazeel is an exchange student from the Magaambya who is learning at the Acadamae. Oyamba, High Sun-Mage, wanted him to learn abjuration, but after learning how deceptive the people of Korvosa are, he requested to study illusion instead.[1]


Bonali has few notable items. They include a Mwangi herb collection, a setoli or spirit house, which he traded with an Acadamae master for an amulet, and a ritual knife that he received as a gift after a friend's demise.[1]


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