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The Magaambya.

Symbol of the Magaambya.

Arcane academy
High Sun-Mage Oyamba
Reintroduce the light of learning after Earthfall, acquire, protect, and disseminate knowledge
Regional (Inner Sea region)
Source: Heart of the Jungle, pg(s). 39–41 (1E)
The Mwangi Expanse, pg(s). 240–241 (2E)
See also: Magaambyan arcanist

The Magaambya is Golarion's oldest academy of arcane learning,1 even if many proud schools in Avistan have never heard of it. It was established by the most devoted pupils of Old-Mage Jatembe and his Ten Magic Warriors in Nantambu in -2832 AR, and is still in operation thousands of years later. The Magaambya's feared flying Tempest-Sun Mages ensure that both cultists of Angazhan and raiders of the Aspis Consortium give the town a wide berth.23 The adjective used for all things associated with the Magaambya is Magaambyan.4


The Magaambya stands at the centre of Nantambu, a colorful agricultural town on the Vanji River in the western Mwangi Expanse. It consists of numerous buildings within a ring of ten terraced towers. Each tower is decorated with a mosaic image of one of the nameless Ten Magic Warriors.5


The renowned halls of the Magaambya attract students from all corners of the world who primarily seek to immerse themselves in the intricate art of wizardry. The teaching methods employed within the academy exhibit significant diversity. While some professors adhere to didactic oral traditions, others emphasize the study of ancient texts, many of which were authored by the esteemed Old-Mage Jatembe and his disciples.6

The faculty members of the academy are known for their propensity to venture to distant lands and engage with scholars from other nations. Consequently, students often find themselves undertaking extensive journeys to seek the guidance of specific mentors. The university also places great emphasis on practical experience, encouraging students to partake in fieldwork. Surprisingly, there are usually more tenured professors conducting research in remote corners of the world than present within the confines of the institution itself. These professors often select their most favored students to embark on expeditions aimed at securing or unearthing ancient ruins and artifacts, which form the subjects of their scholarly pursuits.6

In the Magaambya, it is widely believed that the path to wizardry entails both the acquisition of knowledge through reading and the application of that knowledge through practical experiences—a philosophy often referred to as "the Word and the Way." Accordingly, the notion of isolating oneself for perpetual study is considered, at best, counterproductive and, at worst, miserly. In the tradition established by Jatembe, the ultimate importance lies not merely in the act of studying but rather in utilizing one's acquired knowledge to serve others selflessly.6

The school owns a few written documents, but many of those were taken away by masters and are now scattered throughout villages which might be hundreds of miles away from Nantambu.5

The current head of the school is High Sun-Mage Oyamba.7

Protection of locals

Nantambu draws its strength from the Magaambyan principle of service, which has effectively safeguarded the city from any encroaching threats. Thanks to the resident mages' unwavering dedication, no invading force has ever advanced within a 20-mile radius of the city. This protective shield extends beyond Nantambu itself, encompassing neighboring villages. Although no formal agreements of fealty exist, over a hundred of these settlements willingly and gratefully offer tribute to the city as a gesture of appreciation and acknowledgment.6


A Magaambyan initiate.

Wizards and arcanists cooperate extensively at the Magaambya to preserve Old-Man Jatembe's legacy. Some of the Zenj arcanists claim that three of the Ten Magic Warriors were arcanists as well, although most dispute this assertion.8


The Ekujae elves live locally to the Magaambya and, as they possess the intelligence and magical aptitude of elves in general, many are found at the school as students or teachers.9

Favored familiars

The academy's arcanists have close ties with nature and prefer animal and fey familiars. This includes elusive creatures like bats and weasels, Mwangi fauna such as monkeys and dinosaurs, and fey sprites and brownies.


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