Bone croupier

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Bone croupier
Valeros fighting a Bone croupier.

Source: Book of the Dead, pg(s). 77

Bone croupiers are undead gamblers who haunt casinos in search of gamers to bring to financial ruin.1


Bone croupiers hide their undead nature by smoking tobacco and wearing voluminous robes, but are always wickedly grinning. This grin is genuine, as bone croupiers truly delight in games (no matter the outcome) and cannot disguise their joy, despite their skill in deception.1


With nothing left to lose in undeath, bone croupiers turn to other, casual gamers, cajoling them into committing higher and higher stakes, mortgaging their houses, and calling in decades-old favours just to win back a fraction of the pot before they even know it. However, bone croupiers do not truly care about their own earnings, but only about the destitution of others.1


Bone croupiers pride themselves on leading others to financial ruin with mundane charm and guile, instead of magical compulsion, which they see as lazy influence. However, they see no problems with employing divination to cheat or swindle in gambling.1


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