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Titles Primarch
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Dread Dungeons, Galt

Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 5

Primarch Bremovir was one of the leading lights of the Galtcreed Pact, one of the many governments that have come and gone in Galt since the revolution.

He was responsible for establishing the Dread Dungeons, a secret prison in the Fog Peaks to house those the regime wished would disappear. It was said that Bremovir had obtained strange new allies who were able to snatch dissidents from their beds without awakening their households. In fact, Bremovir had allied himself with the deros of Kmlin-Bru.

When the Galtcreed Pact fell, Bremovir escaped execution by sending a double in his place. Bremovir himself fled to the Dread Dungeons with a sizeable part of Galt's remaining treasury. The guards at the prison and the deros have remained loyal, and successive governments have been unable to find the Dread Dungeons and bring him to Galtan justice.[1]


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