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Dread Dungeons

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High in the Fog Peaks of Galt lies a building with a dark past, even by the blood-soaked standards of this anarchic nation. Built to house political prisoners and other undesirables, soon after its construction it was discovered that its deepest cells connected to tunnels that led even further below into the Darklands. The building built by a temporary government known as the Galtcreed Pact was named Galtcreed, but the deep tunnels and cells below were eventually named the Dread Dungeons. Some of the cells are infested with dangerous cytillesh fungus.

Primarch Bremovir, one of the leading lights of the Galtcreed Pact, allied himself with the derro of Kmlin-Bru, using them to seize dissidents from their beds and also to serve as some of the prison guards. The staff at the prison remained loyal to Bremovir, and he was able to flee here when the Galtcreed Pact was overthrown as part of Galt's endless cycle of revolution. Successive governments have tried to discover the prison's location, but without success.

Numerous prisoners were executed in the prison, and others have been taken by the derro for their warped experiments, but a considerable number still remain. It is rumoured that amongst their number is a prisoner who could bring lasting peace to troubled Galt – the guards will not kill him, but also dare not let him escape.[1]