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The Fog Peaks are a large mountain range in eastern Avistan that form the border between the nations of Taldor (to the south) and Galt (to the north). They run from Taldor's northern Verduran Forest in a generally northeasterly direction, eventually running into foothills just south of Galt's eastern Boarwood.1 Their name comes from their perpetually fog- and cloud-shrouded mountain tops, which constantly dump precipitation. Winter comes early in the Fog Peaks, with snow blanketing the higher elevations in early Fall.2


The Fog Peaks are known to be a wild, uncivilized land. Frost giants are common, while rocs soar over the northern half of the range near the Boarwood.2 The largest clan of frost giants is the Fogstompers and claims a huge swath of the peaks north of the headwaters of the Verduran Fork river.3 One of the most well-known frost giants is Bjarlsfarn the Bloody, who wields a powerful magical weapon made from one of Galt's infamous Final Blades.4 Less numerous, but nevertheless still dangerous, are the populations of winter wolves, ettins, frost worms, thunderbirds, remorhazes, and supposedly even white dragons said to make their home there as well.25 Two aggressive white dragons, Icemourne and Mirrorwing lair north of the Verduran Forest and are a danger for the travelers from Wispil to Woodsedge.3 An ancient cyclops necromancer, by the name of Terokar, dwells deep beneath the towering Fog Peaks in eastern Galt.6

Small Taldan settlements exist at the nation's northern border and often suffer depredations from the giants in the mountains, especially during the winter months. Members of the Ulfen Guard, known for their survival and giant-hunting skills, sometimes take a leave from their usual duties to hunt down frost giants and other threats from the Fog Peaks.7

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