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Type Fey
CR 9
Environment Any

Source: The Puzzle Box, pg(s). 32

Candlewicks are mischievous fey resembling balls of light with a human face.[1]


A candlewick looks like a disembodied face, glowing with the flickering light of candles.[1]


Candlewicks' apparently cheerful and flighty demeanour hides a sharp wit and paradoxical sense of humour. Although not usually malicious, candlewicks are unpredictable pranksters that value laughter over all, no matter who gets hurt in the process. Being creatures of light, they love sunlight and become depressed in darkness.[1]


According to a legend, candlewicks spawn from candles that start fires in theatres; another legend claims that after the Lantern King played an elaborate joke with a thousand candles, he laughed so hard and inadvertently brought them to life. When asked, candlewicks will confirm both and recite a dozen more stories.[1]


Social creatures, candlewicks avoid being alone and prefer to travel in small groups with other creatures. They have been known to follow circuses or adventurers and play pranks on them to amuse themselves, but will also save them from dangers, as it is difficult to prank the dead. Candlewicks particularly despise will-o'-wisps and are particularly offended if mistaken for one, usually playing a nasty prank on the offender.[1]