Caradoc Alazario

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Caradoc Alazario
Titles Captain
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Cheliax
Organization Chelish Navy (formerly)

Source: No Plunder, No Pay, pg(s). 3

Caradoc Alazario was a captain in the Chelish Navy who became disgusted by how the ruling House Thrune was treating the citizens of Cheliax and turned pirate.[1]


In his new career as the captain of the pirate ship, the Infernal Reward, he primarily targeted Chelish merchants and ports, particularly the capital city of Egorian. This was especially troublesome to his cousin, Grachius Alazario, who is the city's mayor. In order to end the embarrassment to his family name, Mayor Grachius used his connections in the Chelish Navy to hunt down and capture his cousin. Caradoc was finally caught in the Sodden Lands in 4710 AR after celebrating a fruitful raid on a ship smuggling Urgathoan relics (in particular the Defiled Disks of Urgathoa) to Absalom. After his capture, Caradoc was taken to a secret Chelish redoubt and held there until liberated by agents of the Pathfinder Society.[1]