Defiled Disks of Urgathoa

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Defiled Disks of Urgathoa
(Magic item)
Aura (1E) Necromantic
Type Wondrous item
Origin Saoc Brethren
Affiliation Urgathoa

Source: No Plunder, No Pay, pg(s). 4-5

The Defiled Disks of Urgathoa are a vile relic sacred to the followers of Urgathoa. Hidden inside the ruins of the Saoc Brethren's flooded city of Oagon in the Sodden Lands, the Defiled Disks were recovered by a team of smugglers hired by Bartavious Vlade of Absalom before being stolen by the notorious Chelish pirate Caradoc Alazario.[1]

The Defiled Disks of Urgathoa consist of four pitted bronze disks each about the size of a human fist. Tethered together by the huge entrails of some unknown beast, they are covered in obscene tableaux that depict vile rituals dedicated to Urgathoa. The Defiled Disks were given to Dason as a reward for penning the Urgathoan unholy text Serving Your Hunger. Occult texts state that during starless, moonless nights the disks merge into a single large bronze plate and any worshipper can gain the favor of the goddess herself by eating a sinister meal from this plate.[1]