Castle Clarion

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This article is about the castle in Katapesh. For the district in Katapesh, see Castle Clarion (district).

Castle Clarion was built in Katapesh by Oslynn Clarion, a now-retired explorer, about 4600 AR. A small set of docks, positioned under the cliffs of Castle Clarion, are used by the Clarion family for any shipping they may need to do and can hold nearly all of the Clarion fleet of ships (nearly a dozen blacksailed vessels). The castle, made up of slim towers that rise high above the castle, are connected by covered bridges. The sparkling walls and red roofs of Castle Clarion make it an easy landmark to spot from land or sea. Lord Clarion is loyal to the government of Katapesh and dutifully adheres to all of the city's laws and requests. He is also one of the city's largest merchant of slaves.1

Despite its elegance and lack of fortifications, the castle is well defended against Lord Clarion's many enemies, most notably agents of the Gray Corsairs. Traps riddle the castle and his servants include veteran warriors and mages. Also, due to Lord Crarion's ties with the Pactmasters, several aluum guard his property.1