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Cat sith

Cat siths are peculiar magical beasts that resemble stocky housecats about two feet long, with black coats and a white spot on their chests. They are sometimes taken as familiars by spellcasters.1


Cat siths are capable of walking bipedally, unlike true cats, and of wearing articles of clothing such as boots. They can hold objects when standing up, but their paws do not possess the dexterity needed to operate complex items such as wands or weapons.1

Cat siths possess magical powers similar to those of the fey, including the ability to remove the luck of other beings and to fool others into thinking they have been cursed. This has led to numerous superstitions forming around cat siths, such as the belief that they can steal the souls of the deceased and prevent them from journeying to the afterlife.1

Ecology and society

Cat siths live in highland areas in proximity of established settlements. They are known to use their resemblance to common cats to enter towns and cities, either to spy for spellcasters, or for their own purposes.1


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