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Vigil's most impressive and famous building was its temple to Iomedae, the splendid Cathedral of Sancta Iomedaea. It lies at the foot of Watcher's Tor, and was built upon the foundations of Fort Lorrin.[1] Most of Vigil was destroyed by Tar-Baphon's magical weapon, the Radiant Fire in 4719 AR.[2]


The finest architects and artisans of Taldor worked on its construction beginning in 3832 AR and took 30 years to complete it. It was an architectural marvel of golden marble, stained glass, onyx, porphyry inlays, and splendid carvings. The great central dome was 50 paces across and pierced with crystal veins, and based on four enormous pillars. Surrounding and supporting the central dome were 39 sub-domes that created a vast airy chamber 60 paces high.[1]

The earthquake of 3850 AR caused the collapse of the main dome, but donations poured in from across the empire to support its quick reconstruction. A divine manifestation of the bright golden sword of Iomedae, hung beneath the dome, appeared at the occasion of the cathedral's dedication. The cathedral's great deep-toned bells thundered from its four towers at dawn and sunset to mark one more day that the crusade endured.[1]

Great crypts lay under the cathedral. The honor and valor of the skull-lined corridors of the crypts were complementary to the beauty of the cathedral.[1]


Aylunna Varvatos, a cleric of Iomedae, presided over worship starting in 4699 AR.[3]


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