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Cave Chambers Map Pack

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Pathfinder Map Pack: Cave Chambers
Cover Image
Map - Map pack
Release date
July 2, 2014
5" x 8"
Rule set

Cave Chambers, a Pathfinder Map Pack with cartography by Jason Engle, was released on July 2, 2014. It is compatible with the Cave Tunnels Map Pack.

Dark and Full of Terrors!
What subterranean horrors lurk in dank and ancient caverns never touched by sunlight? Paizo Publishing's latest Pathfinder Map Pack provides handy and evocative tools for the busy Game Master. These stunningly crafted 5" × 8" map tiles can be positioned to form modular, customizable underground chambers, or combined with tiles from Pathfinder Map Pack: Cave Tunnels to create an enormous underworld complex. Inside, you'll find 18 richly illustrated map tiles, including:
  • Forbidden Pools
  • Central Chamber
  • Shadowed Lair
  • Fungus Garden
  • Hidden Passage
  • Crumbling Stairs
Game Masters shouldn't waste their time sketching maps every time surface-dwellers brave the ominous earthen depths. With Pathfinder Map Pack: Cave Chambers, you'll always be ready whenever buried treasure beckons!

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