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Farmstead Map Pack

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GameMastery Map Pack:
Farmstead Map Pack
Artist(s) Corey Macourek
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price Print: Unavailable
PDF: $8.99
Released May 13, 2009
Type Map Pack
Dimensions 5" x 8"
Quantity 18 map tiles
ISBN ISBN 978-1-60125-164-0
Series Pathfinder Map Pack
Follows Waterfront Map Pack
Precedes Wizard's Tower Map Pack
Artwork from Farmstead Map Pack

Farmstead, a GameMastery Map Pack with artwork by Corey Macourek, was released on May 13, 2009.

The lowing of cows. The smell of fresh-baked pies cooling on the windowsill. The wind rustling through crops ready for harvest. A trip to the farm should be one of relaxation, but years of gaming have taught us different farms are no safer than dungeons, with hungry wolves, giant burrowing insects, ruthless bandits, and all matter of peril lurking just beyond the barn. In this GameMastery Map Pack, you'll have all the maps you need the next time tragedy and terror strike on the farm!

This line of gaming accessories provides simple and elegant tools for the busy Game Master. Inside, you'll find 18 beautiful 5"x8" map tiles stunningly crafted by cartographer Corey Macourek that can be combined to form a wide range of farms and rural adventure sites.

These cards present several different farmstead elements, including:

  • Barn
  • Chicken Coop
  • Animal Corral
  • Crop Fields
  • Farmhouse
  • Haystacks
  • Well
  • Garden

Game Masters shouldn't waste their time scribbling haystacks and animal pens every time the player characters rush to the aid of beleaguered farmers. With GameMastery Map Pack: Farmstead, you'll always be ready when those cow-eating monsters come calling!

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