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A thornbeast is a plant creature.
Type Plant
CR Varies
Environment Any
Alignment Varies
Images of plants

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 303

Plant is the name given to a type of creature composed of vegetable matter. Plant creatures are known in many forms, including green plants living above ground, presumably undergoing photosynthesis as part of their anatomy. However, plant creatures are also found deep underground where the sun's light never reaches; such creatures owe their heritage more to fungal plants. 'Plant' can also refers to normal, mundane, non-animated entities, such as humble trees and flowers.[1] The study of plants is called botany.

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Fungi—a group of life that includes various types of molds, mushrooms, and slimes—are distinct types of plants that share few plant-like traits. Like plants, most fungi are stationary; however, they generally absorb nutrients in ways more similar to animals, do not photosynthesize light, and reproduce via spores.[2][3]

Fungal creatures

A fungal creature is an intelligent plant that grows within a deceased creature and has several fungal traits. It retains many of the abilities, but none of the memories, of its host.[3]

Intelligent plants

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Plants can be awakened—granted humanoid sentience and intelligence—through magic or supernatural means. Such intelligence goes beyond mere animation to grant the plant a personality and free will.[4]

Featured plant creatures

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