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Chatar Esuri

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Chatar Esuri

Source: Eulogy for Roslar's Coffer, pg(s). 56

Chatar Esuri is a ghoul inquisitor of Urgathoa who serves as an enforcer for the Whispering Way.1


Chatar remembers nothing of her pre-undead life, and views the person she used to be as a completely different being. Her first memories are of clawing her way to the surface and seeing black flies over the rotting corpse of the cemetery's gravedigger. She feasted, and as the flies formed the shape of Urgathoa's unholy symbol, Chatar thanked Urgathoa and became a devotee of the Pallid Princess.1

Chatar began to roam the Inner Sea region, killing and eating in Urgathoa's name. She developed a fervent hatred for the living and some self-loathing for her appetite, and once tried to fast and sustain herself with magic, but the hunger overwhelmed her after a month. That night, she massacred the inhabitants of a small inn, and, when she stumbled out, she saw a swarm of flies that crawled over a scythe wedged into a nearby tree. She saw the weapon as a gift from Urgathoa and has carried it ever since.1

Chatar eventually wandered into western Ustalav, where she was recruited by a Whispering Way cell which had previously learnt about her; the cell consisted of ghouls who bore the same self-loathing as she did. Chatar quickly joined, but after just a few weeks, the sect fell victim to a Pharasmin raid.1

As Chatar fled to Ghasterhall, headquarters of the Whispering Way, she was thrilled by the diversity of the undead but concerned that the Whispering Way also harboured living members. Her complaints about the 'mortal filth' were rebuked by explanations that they would eventually become undead as well, but before that they were necessary to operate in areas that despise undead.1

Chatar was eventually assigned to work with living necromancers, under the dhampir Valthazar Quietus, to scour Roslar's Coffer after the test firing of the Radiant Fire. Although displeased, Chatar understands that if Tar-Baphon succeeds, then she will have the undead utopia she wishes.1


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