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Roslar's Coffer

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Roslar's Coffer

Small town
435 (formerly)
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 101

Roslar's Coffer is a small town located in southwestern Lastwall along the Tourondel River, near the border with the Hold of Belkzen.1


Roslar's Coffer was named after Ervin Roslar, a hero of the Shining Crusade. It has managed to survive despite close proximity with the orcs, even peacefully trading with some of the less violent tribes. Due to its importance as a border marker and provider of flax for Vigil, Lastwall considers Roslar's Coffer important enough to maintain a small garrison there.1

In 4707 AR, the aggressive Twisted Nail tribe, who had previously pushed out the less violent tribes, assaulted Roslar's Coffer from the Fangwood Forest, killing a quarter of the population and driving off the survivors. Even though the orcs were eventually slain, a strange creature known as a red reaver had set up camp in the village's burnt shrine of Sarenrae in the meantime. Half of the survivors have attempted to return to their homes only to have the red reaver chase them off each time. It is believed that orc tribes have been attempting to secure an alliance with the creature, but thus far have suffered only brutal rejection. These rumours have gained the attention of Vigil's crusaders, as the notion of ousting the dangerous monster before the orc host figures out how to recruit its aid has become appealing to many of Vigil's commanders.21

As Roslar's Coffer rebuilt, Lastwall deployed additional knights to patrol the border. They successfully pushed back the Twisted Nails enough that they turned their attention to Belkzen, but failed to get rid of the red reaver. For ten years, it plundered the nearby farms and orchards until agents of the Pathfinder Society arrived and killed it in 4718 AR.1

In 4719 AR, Roslar's Coffer was destroyed by the Radiant Fire, during its test firing.3

Notable locations

Roslar's Coffer is home to Roslar's Tomb, which houses the remains of several heroes from the Shining Crusade, but ironically not Roslar himself due to the scandal upon his death. Faithful of Iomedae and Gorum occasionally visit the town to pay their respects to these heroes.1


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