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Jason Keeley

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Jason Keeley
Position Developer
Company Paizo Inc.

Jason Keeley was hired as an editor by Paizo Inc. in March 2015, withdrawing from the Top 16 round of RPG Superstar 2015 to take the job. Before joining Paizo, he was published in the Wayfinder fanzine and published a grimoire for Fat Goblin Games, and continues to edit for the swords-and-sorcery e-zine Worlds Without Master and his own ENnie-honored Pantheon Press.[1] He is also active on the Starfinder Roleplaying Game Click this link to see if this article exists on StarfinderWiki. development team.

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Abducted in Aether 1605 May 2016
Bestiary 103"Bestiary" #103 1602 February 2016 The Hellfire Compact (80)
Bestiary 104"Bestiary" #104 1603 March 2016 Wrath of Thrune (82)
Bestiary 105"Bestiary" #105 1604 April 2016 The Inferno Gate (80)
Bestiary 107"Bestiary" #107 1606 June 2016 Scourge of the Godclaw (80)
Bestiary 108"Bestiary" #108 1608 August 2016 Hell Comes to Westcrown (82)
Cyth-V'sug"Cyth-V'sug" 1706 June 2017 Prisoners of the Blight
Dollmaker, The"The Dollmaker" 1608 August 2016 In Search of Sanity (74)
Hadregash"Hadregash" 1704 April 2017 Assault on Longshadow
Heaven Unleashed 1604 April 2016
Heroes of the Wild 1504 April 2015
Pathfinder Chronicles"Pathfinder Chronicles" 1511 November 2015 Hollow Mountain 1
Pathfinder Chronicles"Pathfinder Chronicles" 1601 January 2016 Hollow Mountain 3
Legacy of the First World 1705 May 2017
To Seal the Shadow 1702 February 2017
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