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The Circle is Roderic's Cove's town square, around which the port town was founded. It is nothing more than a faint ring of mostly overgrown foundation stones. The Cove's settlers decided that these remnants of an ancient circular stone foundation would be a prosperous place to build their town, and they set up their tents and temporary structures around the stone's circumference. It was not long before the settlers all referred to the colony's central meeting point as the Circle.1

This ancient ring of foundation stones is what is left from the aboveground portion of one of Alaznist's Hellstorm Flumes.2

Once a week, dozens of citizens gather in the Circle for the weekly Circle Market, which allows households access to a more diverse range of food than they can grow in their own gardens. Some vendors from farms in the surrounding hinterlands come into Roderic's Cove on market days to ply their wares. Halder Makrosh, an older man who talks like he has seen it all, runs the market.1

Each afternoon, an old man named Bimmer "Possum" Coots wheels a wooden cart out and sells cups of "possum punch" to any who stop by.1


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