City of the Faceless

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City of the Faceless
Nation Moon

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 14-15

The City of the Faceless is an ancient Azlanti prison located in the northern hemisphere of the dark side of the Golarion's moon. It was established long before the Moonscar by the Azlanti government to house the political prisoners who were believed to be too dangerous to reside on Golarion but potentially too useful to simply execute. The city was a series of domes and bunkers with atmospheres provided by magical machines operated by the convicts themselves. The prisoners were also tasked to explore the tunnels beneath the surface of the moon, known as the Moon Dungeons. After Earthfall, the convicts kept their way of life going, and managed to keep the balance between defending themselves against the half-succubi of the Moonscar, and relying on them for entertainment and the occasional infusion of new blood. The city seems to have survived to the present, as scholars there have recently discovered something in the Moon Dungeons that might be of great importance.[1]


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