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Rashimos, a half-fiend.

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 171
This article is about the offspring of a fiend and a mortal. For offspring of a fiend and a nymph, see forlarren. For creatures with a fiendish template, see fiendish creature.

A half-fiend is the direct offspring of an evil outsider and a mortal; children of a half-fiend may be cambions or seemingly normal mortals.123 However, in 4610 AR, Areelu Vorlesh, the Demon Witch of Undarin, performed the final steps of a ritual that transformed her into a half-succubus (see below) suggesting that birth is not the only way half-fiends are created.4 Half-fiends can arise from any species, although only those from humanoid species may go on to have cambion children; the children of those born among other species will typically be either half-fiends themselves or normal members of their kind.3

Half-fiends should not be confused with fiendish creatures, which are native to the lower planes but otherwise similar to their mortal counterparts.3


There are many types of half-fiend dependent on the progenitor fiend. Most unions between mortals and fiends will produce a generic half-fiend, except in a few rare cases that result in a specific sub-category of half-fiends, like half-demons. Most such specific half-fiends are half-humanoid (it is very rare for non-humanoids to give birth to them), and share their fiendish parent's alignment. Their birth can be ensured by certain rituals usually practiced by fiend-worshipping cults, or these fiends themselves when they need to sire a child.5



Half-erodaemons are blue-skinned and possess protruding, stub-like horns. Half-erodaemon urdefhans have black ram horns and white, instead of blue, blood.6



A half-babau is crimson-skinned and skeletally thin, commonly having pointy ears, a single horn, and sharp, jagged teeth. Half-babaus often become sadistic murderers or soldiers.7


A half-balor is muscular and usually at least a foot taller than its progenitor race's average height. Half-balors have massive wings, great horns, hooves, and scales, and can blast fire at enemies. They often become great arch-villains.8


Half-glabrezus gain the pincer arms of a glabrezu in addition to their own arms, as well as numerous horns, legs that bend in three places, and scaly green ridges on their back and shoulders. They usually advise others in undermining the status quo.9


A half-hezrou is bulky and obese, with rubbery skin, webbed hands and feet, hanging jowls, and bulging eyes. Crusty scales constantly grow and are shed from its shoulders and back. Most half-hezrous are loners, involved in shady alchemy or drug-dealing, or guarding swamp-dwelling masters.10


Half-invidiaks are the rarest half-demons, as their progenitors are incorporeal and rarely have the opportunity to sire children. Half-invidiaks are often gaunt, with dark grey skin, red eyes, sharp talons and fangs, and large shadowy wings. Their jealousy and obsessiveness in trying to exceed their associates are legendary, and they excel in commanding many minions.11


A half-marilith has pale eyes, four arms, the lower body of a snake, and a short row of horns running along the top of her head. Half-mariliths are arrogant, and usually work as army commanders or assassins.12


Half-nabasus have thick fur on their shoulders and back, taloned fingers, fanged mouths, and bat-like ears and wings. Their eyes are red and sunken, and glow when they are hungry. Half-nabasus are always ravenous, preferring the flesh of those that share the heritage of its non-demonic side. They often become lone serial killers.13


Half-nalfeshnees are typically tall, with sharp nails, small feathered wings, and bristly fur on their back and limbs. Their porcine face has jutting lower teeth and tiny beady eyes. Half-nalfeshnees are greedy and often lead guilds of thieves or merchants.14


The half-succubus is the most humanoid of all half-demons, looking almost identical to a succubus. Most half-succubi work in roles that allow them to satisfy their lust, but some manage to control it and become spies or assassins.15


Half-vrocks are hairless, and have sharp talons, a long, thin tail, the hideous, hooked face of a vulture, and large black feathered wings. Half-vrocks react to any perceived slight with violence, and often work in similarly violent jobs.16



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