Cole Ravnagask

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Cole Ravnagask
Titles Prince-Archbanker
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Cleric 5
Gender Male
Homeland Braganza, Mindspin, Molthune
Deity Abadar

Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 10

Prince-Archbanker Cole Ravnagask, the ruler of Braganza in Molthune, is also the city's high priest of Abadar. Ravagask views the entire Lake Encarthan region as his spiritual sphere of influence and wishes his city to become the capital of Abadar's religion. He claims to have the original copy of Abadar's holy book, The Order of Numbers, in his possession within his church, the Golden Glory of the Lawbringer.

Ravnagask leaves control of the city militia to his brother, Bailiff Terandar Ravnagask. He believes that by building new houses he can attract people to Braganza, but so far all that has come of his plans is a mass of empty homes.[1]

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