Current Runners

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Current Runners
Leader None
Headquarters Southern Katapesh
Goals Smuggling along the river
Scope Local
Members River smugglers

Source: Dark Markets, pg(s). 11

Current Runners is the name given to a non-affiliated group of smugglers that operate along the southern border of Katapesh where it meets with neighbouring Nex. Most trade caravans do not use the Elemion River, as it frequently crosses the border into Nex, but the Current Runners specialise in getting goods quickly down the river. They travel only by night and, by morning, they will have docked in a section of the river that is on the Katapeshi side of the border. They often conceal their vessels with improvised camouflage netting.

The Current Runners use fast-moving dhows that can outrun the sporadic river patrols they sometimes encounter. The Current Runners vary in ability from person to person, with the best being highly professional. They run their smuggling operations like a legitimate business with an in-depth knowledge of the river and compensate their customers if the smuggling is unsuccessful. The worst Current Runners are charlatans looking to fleece anyone they can, with little knowledge of the river. They are all to willing to ditch their cargo at the first sign of trouble, while others just steal it.

Most Current Runners refuse to go beyond the last river bend before Quantium, dropping their cargo off at different locations to avoid raising suspicion.[1]