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Monument to Ambition
45% human, 13% gnome, 3% catfolk, 2% ratfolk, 2% fleshwarp, 1% ghoran, 34% other
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 132–133 (1E)
Impossible Lands, pg(s). 253 (2E)
A fish dish, Quantium-style, where lemons are essential.

Quantium, a port city on the Obari Ocean, is the capital of the nation of Nex. The city prides itself on its diversity; xenophobia is frowned upon. The city has many palaces, hanging gardens, and open-air mazes, as well as several reputable universities of arcane magic and lore. The city's magnificence has been compared with Oppara in Taldor and Sothis in Osirion.1

There are many statues of the archmage Nex, who took control of the then-city-state in -987 AR,2 as well as of the heroes who helped him forge the kingdom that still bears his name.1

Titanic protectors

Two huge quantium golems, one green and one red, silently circle the city's perimeter, as they have for more than four millennia. It was prophesied that they will defend the city in times of great need, but in the current Age of Lost Omens, no prophecy can be considered to be reliable.13


Quantium is run by the Council of Three and Nine from the palace of Bandeshar, but the looming anticipation of Nex's potential return (caused by the opening of the Refuge of Nex in 4716 AR) has sparked considerable political tension within the council. The mounting unease has led to significant divisions and factional conflicts that threaten to escalate into a covert war of subterfuge.45

The Council of Three and Nine are dominated by families who comprise Quantium's social classes, from the most influential Bandesharite to the Populasi, the Rastrashi, and the least influential Galisite.6 The Bandesharite serve as rulers,6 the Populasi as its popular wealth and support, the Rastrashi as its common class,7 and the Galisite as its illicit strata.8


The city is renowned as Golarion's best source for magic items, spell components, and arcane services.9


Quantium has a cosmopolitan population, and its lore draws travelers not only from distant lands but also distant planes of the Great Beyond.9

Places of interest

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