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Cytillesh spores
(Alchemical item)
Type Alchemical reagent and poison

Source: Alchemy Manual, pg(s). 11

Cytillesh is a dangerous type of Darklands fungus also known as brain mold. It gives off a bright blue glow equivalent to torchlight.[1]


Cytillesh is prized by the derros, who appreciate its benefits and are not fazed by its severe detriments, which include stillbirths, birth defects, and insanity. As such, it commonly grows on the walls and ceilings of derro communities. Not all of its health effects are harmful, however, as prolonged exposure can purportedly slow aging by half. Derros also believe it provides mental enhancement and is responsible for creating exceptional derros they refer to as savants.

Derros brew a powerful poison from the mold known as cytellish extract[2] and derro alchemists frequently use the spores of the cytillesh fungus in their crafts. The spore is a versatile alchemical reagent and often combined with other poisonous elements to create deliriums, hallucinogens, and psychotics. As an alchemical power component, it is associated with boosting the effectiveness of enchantment spells, and costs 5 gp per dose.[3]