Danziul Maxeme

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Danziul Maxeme

Unknown; after 4656 AR
Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 33

Danziul Maxeme was a minor noble of Taldor tasked by his proconsul with eliminating piracy in the Inner Sea. Maxeme was quite successful in executing this charter until his flotilla captured a pirate galleon called the Singing Duchess captained by Ianetra Chareoth, a beautiful free captain of Taldan descent. She utterly captivated Maxeme who decided to win an island for her. He sailed to the Shackles with his fleet and wrenched a small picturesque island from a pirate lord in 4656 AR. He renamed the isle Taldas and its only settlement Little Oppara, remaking it to mirror Oppara so that his new wife might live as a noblewoman. The story says that they lived happily ever after. Some believe the true story is much less romantic, and Maxeme decided to go rogue himself because of the gold he found aboard the pirate ships he captured. Today, Maxeme's two granddaughters rule as pirate lords in Little Oppara: Iolandra and Petrina Maxeme.1


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