Iolandra Maxeme

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Iolandra Maxeme

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 33

Iolandra Maxeme is a granddaughter of the minor Taldan noble Danziul Maxeme. She and her sister Petrina rule Taldas Isle in the Shackles as joint pirate lords. Petrina works hard, overseeing Little Oppara and Taldas while Iolandra prefers to spend most of her time as captain of her frigate Lion's Reach. The sisters quarrel publicly about Iolandra's recklessness and rumours grow that Petrina may do away with her wayward sister once and for all. Iolandra is a gifted summoner, her eidolon resembling a blue-feathered serpent with the wings of a bat. She is famous as pirate lord and very popular among the captains of Taldas. It is also known that many rival captains fear the blue-green flag of her frigate.12


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