4656 AR

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Age of Lost Omens
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4656 AR in politics


Deaths in 4656 AR

  • Fulvia Nostraema, suffering from apocalyptic visions of the Dominion of the Black consuming Golarion in the Banquet, murders her son Anitoli. She is committed to Darakole Sanitarium in by the boy's illegitimate father Ioseff Xarwin.5 She attempts to confess to the murder to doctors, but no trace of her son's body can be found.4
  • After discovering his affair with Fulvia, Ioseff Xarwin's wife Asethanna chops off Ioseff's hand with a hatchet. He then murders her, the majordomo of his manor, and his children Marney and Mira Xarwin. Isoeff preserves the brains of his wife and children and tells his servants that they left for Cheliax.5


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