Destelita Solari

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Destelita Solari

Grand Duchess
Source: Taldor, the First Empire, pg(s). 22

Grand Duchess Destelita Solari is the ruler of the Ligos Prefecture of Taldor, she is also the most recently ascended of Taldor's grand duchesses and dukes. Destelita Solari's ascent to the heights of power is not without controversy: she gained the title of grand duchess in 4713 AR after her predecessor, Grand Duke Eustan Veriaterros, was charged with treason. Many nobles in the Ligos Prefecture whisper that the evidence produced was highly suspect but none dares speak this aloud for fear Grand Duchess Destelita Solari could find similar evidence against anyone who dares question her.1

Grand Duchess Destelita Solari is a single woman and is beset with eligible suitors of both sexes looking to secure a powerful alliance. So far, Destelita has rebuffed all of these advances and her people grow curious how she plans to secure an heir for the grand duchess position that she has schemed so hard to secure. Destelita resides in her palatial estate Darromoor, just outside the Ligos prefecture's capital, Elbistan. This sprawling estate is one of her few weaknesses as she adores it, lavishing vast sums on its renovation and expansion. This work requires such a huge workforce that her enemies have been able to sneak in numerous spies amongst Darromoor's vast work force.1


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