Ligos Prefecture

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Ligos Prefecture

Grand Duchess Destelita Solari
Source: Taldor, the First Empire, pg(s). 22-23

Ligos Prefecture is one of the 14 political divisions of the nation of Taldor, and is a largely agricultural area that is the playground of Oppara's elites, located between the Porthmos River and the Southern Range in the south of the country.1


Ligos Prefecture can be found in southern Taldor south of Porthmos Prefecture, northeast of Lingian Prefecture, and northwest of Whitemarch Prefecture. In the northeast of the prefecture are open plains along the Porthmos River that run into the hills on the outskirts of the Southern Range to the southeast.21

Places of interest


The ruler of Ligos Prefecture is the recently appointed Grand Duchess Grand Duchess Destelita Solari, who took over around 4713 AR when her cousin, Grand Duke Eustan Veriaterros, was accused of treason. Many of the prefecture's nobles remain unconvinced of the Grand Duke's guilt, but they keep their doubts to themselves for fear that the Grand Duchess could expose their own wrongdoings if they speak out.1

The region is the ancestral home of House Lotheed and they still hold significant lands in the region. However, with the family distracted by holdings eleswhere these lands are falling into disrepair with its people being overtaxed.3


The plains and rolling hills of Ligos Prefecture are well-suited to growing grops, although the long, dry summers limit their yields. Instead, most farmers use their land to graze sheep and cattle, although the region is particularly known for his horse ranchers. Meat, cheese, and wool are the staples of Ligos' economy, even though the nobility is more interested in breeding what they claim to be the finest steeds in Taldor. The breeding and training of these animals has been practiced here since the beginning of the Empire, with some claiming that the ranchers of Ligos were the first to ever domesticate them. The horse ranchers also supply mounts and draft animals for Taldor's military.1


Ligos is home to the Emperor's Mile, an annual 100-mile-long horse race that runs through the Emperor's Pass and ends at Sureshire Ranch, who have been the race's sponsor for the last 1,200 years.1


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