Devil in Gray

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The Devil in Gray
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Advanced winter wolf
Homeland Lozeri, Ustalav

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 21

The Devil in Gray is a winter wolf that has been terrorizing Lozeri since 4698 AR.[1][2]


The Devil in Gray, unusually for a winter wolf, has an ash gray pelt. It stands as tall as a fully grown warhorse and it is said that its howl is able to summon devils to serve it and drives those who hear it mad with terror.[2]


The Devil in Gray first appeared in 4698 AR when it savaged a lone washer woman, however, it seems to follow no predictable hunting pattern. Since its first attack, the Devil in Gray has become the most feared murderer in Lozeri, slaughtering entire hunting parties single handedly. In 4701 AR, the Devil in Gray invaded Chastel, murdering almost twenty people in a single night. Though many claim to have slain the beast, the Devil in Gray always returns, some claim it must be a werewolf but even the lycanthropes of the Shudderwood are terrified of it. Though no human hunter has ever been able to track the Devil in Gray back to its lair, the werewolves of the Shudderwood supposedly know its location, a place filled with grim trophies and a pack of hungry pups.[2]


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