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The Shudderwood is one of the largest forests in northern Avistan and falls on both sides of the border between Ustalav and the Sarkoris Scar.12



The Shudderwood in Ustalav is located almost entirely within the county of Lozeri, covering most of that county to the point that, for many, the Shudderwood and Lozeri are synonymous, although there is a small part of the wood in eastern Vieland. Many rivers flow through the wood including the Buestral, the Calscroix, the Mothburn, the Moutray, and the Troll's Tail. The Dippelmere Swamp lies in the Vieland portion of the wood.34

Locations in the Ustalavic Shudderwood

Notable inhabitants

In Ustalav, the Shudderwood is infamous for its wolves and werewolves.5 Other notable inhabitants include the Lurker of the Woods6 and the dryad Amalya.7

The Sarkoris Scar

Much of the south-western part of Abyss-tainted Sarkoris Scar is under the canopy of the Shudderwood. During the century of demonic occupation, the fey of the forest fought against their invaders. In the northern parts of the forest, their efforts failed and the fey were transformed into half-fiends or other Abyssal monstrosities.2 In the southern part of the forest, they were able to hold off the demons.8

The northern part of the Shudderwood is twisted and haunted. The vicious, tainted fey of the forest hate any intruder as much as they hate the demons who tainted their home; beasts have been replaced by the haunts of the Sarkorian refugees murdered by the Ustalavs during the Demonskin War, and large packs of werewolves, many devoted to the demon lord Jezelda but others with allegiances to clans from the south, are fighting within the forest.9

Efforts of the Reclaimers

The eastern Shudderwood is one of the main targets of the Reclaimers, the loose organization of people attempting to clear the Sarkoris Scar of its demonic taint. The Reclaimers are hoping to recover the lost centers of ancient druidic traditions located deep in the forest.10


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