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Level 10
Adjective Dezullon

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 94

Dezullons are sapient, carnivorous, ambulatory plant creatures that feed on unwary creatures and travelers alike.[1]


All dezullons are pitcher plants, though wide variation exists outside of that commonality. Some are quite large, able to easily engulf typical humans, whereas others grow quite small, focusing on rodents and the like. The creatures walk on their roots and are able to easily reroot themselves as necessary.[1]


The pitchers of the dezullon are quite similar to their non-sapient brethren: open, inviting spaces full of digestive liquid and, often, spines and other protrusions to keep their prey inside. The digestive fluid of a dezullon, however, has intense psychoactive properties, which the creature can spray on prey to immobilize the prey in confusion. An average dezullon can accurately aim these secretions for up to 30 feet of range, making them a dangerous ambush predator as well. Rarely, dezullons are caught and their psychoactive liquid harvested for use in drugs and poison.[1]


Dezullons largely live in dense, forested areas with extensive canopy cover. As carnivorous plants, dezullons get most of their nutrients from their flesh and blood meals rather than sunlight or sources in the soil, and so thrive in these darkened environs.[1]


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